Born: 2012
Joined SFWS: June, 2015
Content: High content wolfdog

The lovely Achilles came to Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary from a private citizen in Oklahoma who was part of the community of “wolfdog enthusiasts.” However, her circumstances changed and she had to move to Texas, where she had no proper enclosure and limited resources to adequately care for him. It was also illegal to own wolfdogs in the area she had moved to. Such animals are much harder to take with you when you move, to properly feed, to safely contain, and to find homes for if you’re no longer able to keep them. In spite of all her experience with wolfdogs, Achilles’ owner was out of options. Thankfully, we had room to rescue him at the time, but things often turn out differently.

Achilles is quite comfortable with new people, which is very rare for a high content wolfdog. In terms of stature, Achilles is definitely our largest animal, but he has a lean wolf build, so he only weighs about 100 pounds!

Achilles is the very first arctic wolf mix we’ve had at the sanctuary. Arctic wolves are a subspecies of gray wolf, found in the high arctic of Canada and Greenland. They primarily hunt muskoxen and arctic hares. Because they live in a region with very few people, arctic wolves are less threatened by human hunting and overdevelopment than most other wolf populations. Arctic wolves look similar to other gray wolves, but are always white, and have some subtle differences in ear size, eye shape and set, and muzzle shape. While many breeders claim to have “arctic wolves” or wolfdogs, there are actually very few in captivity.