Born: 1999
Passed on: February 21, 2014

Apache arrived here with his companion Lakota in June of 2010, from Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary in Oregon, which had been forced to close. Apache and Lakota had arrived at Howling Acres in 2001 as part of the “Fairfield Four,” a group of four wolfdogs purchased in Alaska by a family in Fairfield County, California. The owner kept the animals illegally in a residential area, and they were seized by Animal Control after they escaped from their yard.

Following a court battle, possession of the wolfdogs was awarded to Howling Acres. While at the Animal Control facility, the animals had been kept separately, and during that time they grew depressed and lost weight. Upon arrival at Howling Acres, they were happily reunited, causing quite a public stir.

As Apache aged, he experienced various health problems, but he was incredibly strong and perseverant, and never lost his spirit or dignity. He passed away peacefully, with his lifelong companion Lakota at his side.