Big Boy

Big Boy
Born (estimated): 2007
Joined SFWS: August, 2013
Content: High content wolfdog


Big Boy was originally part of an abusive roadside attraction in Alaska, where he and dozens of other wolfdogs were kept on 8 foot chains and carelessly bred (Big Boy shows a number of signs of inbreeding), with the wolfdog pups sold to any random tourist who would pay. Luckily, this “attraction” was finally shut down by Alaskan officials a few years ago, and all 29 of their animals were rescued by LARC, a sanctuary in California, helped in part by a donation from Bob Barker (of “The Price is Right” fame).

When LARC needed to find new homes for some of those rescues, we were able to take Big Boy to be Mystery’s new companion, and he adjusted well to his new home and new friends. He and Mystery get along fabulously, and love to roughhouse and play with one another. With the addition of Rose, who is related to Big Boy, in January of 2015, he is now part of a pack of three. Rose has been integrated into the pack, and Big Boy and Mystery both obviously love and care about her. Though he remains very timid of strangers, lately Big Boy has become much more comfortable and sociable with people he trusts. We are thrilled with his progress!