Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary to Implement New Tour Fee Policy to Support Sanctuary’s Growth

Since 2002, the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary (SFWS) has been rescuing and compassionately caring for non-releasable wolves and wolf dogs and allowing the public to come and see these amazing animals for a suggested donation of $10 per person.    Recently, the SFWS Board of Directors passed a new general sanctuary tour policy that will turn the suggested donation into a mandatory  tour fee.  There will be no price increase as the tour fee will remain $10 per person for anyone 5 years old or older.

“This fee policy will support our needed relocation to our new sanctuary site in 2019-2020, as well as allow us to expand our education and outreach efforts,” stated Gentry Leonard, Board President of SFWS.   He also mentioned that the increased revenue from the mandatory fee will further enable the sanctuary to rescue more wolves and wolf dogs needing sanctuary living.  Brittany McDonald, Sanctuary Manager, stated “ I currently get dozens of calls per month for rescues of wolves or wolf dogs from across the country, so having the additional income will allow for better transport and vetting of these animals that need our protection.”

Approximately 30% of the patrons visiting the sanctuary and participating in the general tours do not make the suggested $10 donation, leaving the sanctuary losing a third of their needed income.  With the patrons in mind, SFWS will be starting a free admission day on the first Tuesday of each month beginning July 3rd of this year.  “By offering a monthly free day that offers 3 tours throughout the day, we hope to support the accessibility of the sanctuary for all individuals and families, regardless of their ability to pay for a tour,” stated Nicole Rogers, Executive Director of SFWS.  The free day will have three tours with no group size limitations.   All tours must be pre-booked via the SFWS website at and the $10 tour fee pre-paid.  This includes the free day; the payment will just be $0.00 on that day!


Sanctuary Manager & Interns Embark on 48 Hour Road Trip to Save 2 New Rescues!

Over the last 15 years Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary has come to be known as a safe place for animals in need across the country, but the arrival of our new Manager, Brittany McDonald, has created a unique niche for the facility. With years of knowledge and experience, Brittany specializes in the study of wolf behavior and socialization and seems to have a natural proficiency for working with highly un-socialized animals. It was for this reason that SFWS was contacted about the intake of our two newest rescues.


Raksha and Ryu are 2 year old upper-mid content wolfdogs that are extremely fearful of people and in need of a Sanctuary that can meet their unique needs. As all wolves and wolfdogs do, they will require a very specific type of diet, vet care, and containment, but more than that, they need a home that allows them to feel safe and comfortable. Thankfully, Brittany is confident that we can offer this and more; she believes that all these girls need is some love and patience from someone that can understand them and the unique ways that they communicate.

The SFWS Board of Directors agreed to the intake of Raksha and Ryu and the rescue team immediately geared up for the long drive from Texas to West Virginia (and back again!). After 48 hours of non-stop driving, “The Shadow Sisters” were delivered safely to their new home. You can check out a video of the trip’s progress here and as always, curious guests are encouraged to visit the Sanctuary. Perhaps if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch of glimpse of these gorgeous girls!


Did you catch us on ABC Channel 13 recently?!
This is a small, fun feature that talks about the work we do here at Saint Francis and why it’s so important!

A huge thank you to KTRK-TV for coming out to see us and giving us this great opportunity!






As the cold weather sets in and the holidays approach, we hope that all our friends and followers are happy, healthy, and warm. ‘Tis the season of giving, and we at Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for giving us one of the best presents we could ever ask for!

Thanks to your continued support, SFWS was finally able to purchase a new property for our upcoming Relocation!!!

This is a massive step forward – one that will allow us to save even more lives and focus on providing bigger and better homes for our rescues – and none of it would be possible without you.

While we won’t be giving out the address publicly just yet, the new property is located in Grimes County, about 15 minutes west of our current location. We really feel it’s close enough that if you’ve visited us once, you’ll still be able to visit us again!

As we move forward into 2018, BIG steps are going to be taken to finalize our move! We hope that we can continue to count on you to offer your support and dedication in the future. Additional information will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Without you all none of this would be possible. From all of us at Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary (especially the wolves): Thank you so, so much.


Gentry Leonard
Board President



Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary has started a brick campaign! Help us build a beautiful path for future generations to enjoy. Check us out by clicking the link below.



Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is getting a new website! We will be making changes to the new site.

We appreciate your patience and are excited for you to see it upon completion.