Born: 2013
Joined SFWS: May, 2016

Calypso was originally confiscated from an apartment in Oklahoma when she was found to be extremely malnourished. Her previous facility quickly found that food was a really important resource to her, so she guarded it fiercely! Unfortunately, this resulted in a bite record for her.  Calypso is a very loving wolfdog, but like all wolfdogs, she  is not a pet!  Therefore, she will not hesitate to protect herself if her food is threatened or if she isn’t treated with respect and compassion.

Calypso got a fresh start at Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, where we have worked hand-in-paw with her to help strengthen her confidence and let her know she will never go hungry again. It has taken years of trust and relationship, but today Calypso is all smiles and tail wags. She’s made the sanctuary her home alongside Romulus, an old boy with a big heart, and it’s not uncommon to see them snuggled up together.  In fact, they are the Romeo and Juliet of the SFWS pack!

Calypso may have had a tumultuous start, and is a good example of how wolfdogs are ultimately unpredictable, but here in a sanctuary setting she thrives and has become the biggest sweetheart to both keepers and other animals.