Born: 2013
Joined SFWS: May, 2016

Calypso was originally kept in an apartment as a “pet” by a man in Oklahoma. When Animal Control discovered her, she was severely malnourished and was confiscated as a result. Two wolfdog rescue organizations took her in, intending to adopt her out to a new family, but quickly discovered that she is not a good pet!

Calypso has inherited a dog’s boldness around people and a wolf’s wild and unpredictable instincts. The result is that while she acts sweet at times, she is always looking to take advantage of people she views as “weak,” and can switch from sweet to calculating in an instant. She is one of our most dangerous animals, and yet another example of how wolfdogs,  almost never make good pets!

Calypso is still quite young and a huge flirt! Staff members tried for over a year to find her the perfect companion – allowing her play dates with a handful of single males – before finding her perfect match in Romulus. They are easily one of our most adored couples, constantly playing and chasing one another around their enclosure. Calypso, as the more submissive of the two, can often be found belly-crawling up to Romulus and licking his chin in an attempt to win him over.