Born (estimated): 2000
Passed on: March 29, 2015

Duchess was born at a breeder’s in Alaska and purchased as a “pet.” However, as wolves are excellent escape artists, her owner found it quite difficult to contain her safely. While evading containment, Duchess would dine on local chickens. THAT did not go over well, and she was not making too many friends around the neighborhood! Her owner was warned about her behavior and informed of the likelihood of her confiscation and euthanization. She was therefore sent to another sanctuary. When that sanctuary closed, SFWS took Duchess along with several more of their wolves and wolfdogs.

Duchess arrived at SFWS with her opinionated rebel self completely intact. She was always very selective in her inner circle, and was quite vocal about her likes and dislikes. She also had an excellent memory and remembered who had been “naughty or nice” to her. We always respected her space and kept our eyes on her!

Duchess passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 15. We are grateful that her passing was so gentle and that she had such a long, full, happy life here. We will always miss Duchess’s strength, quirkiness, majesty, and sweetness.