Born: 2005
Passed on: January 4, 2017

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary rescued Echo along with her companion Achilles in 2015. They had been owned by a private citizen in Oklahoma who was part of the community of “wolfdog enthusiasts.” However, their owner’s circumstances changed and she had to move to Texas, where she had no proper enclosure and limited resources to adequately care for them. It was also illegal to own wolfdogs in the area she had moved to. Such animals are much harder to take with you when you move, to properly feed, to safely contain, and to find homes for if you’re no longer able to keep them. In spite of all her experience with wolfdogs, Echo’s owner was out of options. Thankfully, we had room to rescue the them at the time, but things often turn out differently.

When they first arrived, Echo was much shyer than her companion Achilles. Since then, she really settled in, and became very comfortable and outgoing. She would even drag Achilles away if he tried to steal all people’s attention!

Sadly, Echo passed away in early 2017 at the age of 12. She wasn’t with us for too long, but Echo made a huge impact on everyone who knew her, and we were privileged to see how confident and happy she became in her final years.