Born: 2017
Joined SFWS: December, 2017
Sponsor Kaya

Kaya – the youngest member of the SFWS pack – came to us from Nebraska where she was privately owned as a pet. Though she was purchased at a very young age, she quickly grew into a large and highly energetic animal that her owner was ill-equipped to care for… Not only was he unable to feed her, he also failed to provide her with the containment necessary for safety and security. Instead of living in a large, spacious enclosure, she was forced to endure life at the end of a chain.

One day Kaya escaped her chain, but suffered a gruesome neck wound approximately 8 inches in length. By the time her owner retrieved her, the wound had started to become infected, but rather than taking her to the vet to be cared for appropriately, he attempted to staple it shut himself, only making the infection worse over time.

Kaya’s owner quickly realized that she wasn’t in good hands and, fortunately, he contacted a local Game Warden for help. This man was able to convince her owner that she would be better off in a Sanctuary and the arrangements were made.

Kaya is still adjusting to life at SFWS, and while it hasn’t been easy to adjust to all the new animals, she is absolutely loving the freedom and space that we have provided her!