Born (estimated): 2002
Passed on: July 23, 2014

Koa’s original owner purchased him as a “wolf” for $1500, although he has was actually a pure dog. He was part of a pair which his owner hoped would mate so he could sell the puppies. When they didn’t breed and the owner realized that no profit could be made, Koa was chained in the backyard with his companion, and was evidently horribly neglected, for his companion died. Luckily, a caring neighbor took over and provided Koa with a loving home. When his new caretaker fell ill, she turned to SFWS for help.

In spite of his unpleasant past, Koa gave nothing but love to all the people he met (although he didn’t get along that well with other animals!) And he met a lot of them in the course of his work as a SFWS ambassador. When he was not “smiling” he was giving kisses to anyone within reach.

Koa passed away peacefully at the age of 12. He had been diagnosed with some health problems, but was still so full of energy and joy that his passing was quite unexpected. We take comfort in knowing that his last few months were among the happiest of his life, as he became our “office dog,” enjoying the air conditioning and getting spoiled. We will miss Koa greatly, and never forget his smiling face, energy, or unbounded love.