Born: 1999
Passed on: December 16, 2014

Lakota arrived at SFWS in June of 2010 along with her longtime companion Apache. The pair came to us from Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary in Oregon, which had been forced to close. Lakota and Apache were two of a group of four wolfdogs who were sold by a breeder in Alaska to a family from Fairfield County, California. Intending them to be “pets,” the family kept the animals illegally in a residential area, and they were seized by Animal Control after they escaped from their yard. Animal Control then sent them to Howling Acres.

Lakota quickly adjusted to life at SFWS, and became far more sociable during her time here. When she first arrived she was — like most wolves and wolfdogs — extremely timid of people, but after a while she had several favorite volunteers she had grown to trust.

In late 2014, Lakota was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor. We did everything we could to keep her comfortable, but eventually the time came when it was clear she was suffering and we had to say goodbye. Lakota was such an amazing, loving, whimsical, wonderful animal, and we will never forget her or stop loving her.