Born: March 7, 2014
Joined SFWS: October, 2014


Lapua is one of our youngest residents, and came to us from a private owner in 2014, at the age of 8 months. Lapua had easily escaped her yard and it took her owner 3 days to recapture her. His rancher neighbors warned him they would kill her if they saw her again, and he had to keep her chained to avoid escaping again. To his credit, he recognized this was not a good life for her, and allowed SFWS to rescue her, knowing that we would be able to give her the care and attention she needed.

Lapua’s original owner spent a great deal of time — up to four hours a day! — socializing her. The result is that she is very comfortable with people she knows, but even with all of that socialization, Lapua remains very skittish of strangers. It’s almost impossible to adequately socialize wolves to strangers.

Lapua is still a puppy at heart, with boundless energy, and is always eager to run and play with her companion Rajah, who she is totally in love with. While Rajah is calmer and more mature, he still enjoys playing with her and has the patience needed to deal with her energy.