Born: February 14, 2003
Passed on: July 5, 2015

Liam was bought as a pet when he was still a puppy, and kept in an area where wolfdog ownership is illegal. He was reported to Animal Control, which had to confiscate him. SFWS then rescued Liam from the shelter, in May of 2014. Since Liam was mostly wolf and acted like one, the folks at Animal Control had been unable to interact with him safely, or even let him out of his kennel. When we visited the shelter to evaluate him, he’d been stuck in his tiny, windowless kennel for a month; his elbows and legs were raw and red from living on the concrete floor. The staff at the shelter didn’t want to have to euthanize him, and were thrilled when we were able to adopt him. Liam was understandably overjoyed by his new home at SFWS, and had a lot of fun exploring his new enclosure and meeting his new companion Lakota, whom he remained devoted to for the rest of her life.

Liam clearly displayed the deep intelligence, awareness, and problem-solving ability — not to mention destructiveness — possessed by most wolves and wolfdogs, and he was constantly surveying and testing his environment. At the shelter, we put him in an empty room for a few minutes for temperament testing, and he immediately went to work tearing up the blinds and ripping the cover off the soap dispenser on the wall. When we pulled the blinds up, he realized after just a few seconds that if he yanked on the cord, the blinds would come down again and he could resume chewing on them! This kind of destructiveness is one of the many reasons wolves and higher content wolfdogs don’t make good pets!

Liam was incredibly tall, standing 34 inches at the shoulder, and was breathtaking to see in person. He passed away in July of 2015. He had just gotten a new companion, Nos, and was a happy boy in his final days. Even though he was only with us for a short time, he made a huge impact here at the sanctuary, and taught all of us so much about respect, patience and tenderness and we are forever grateful to him.