Born (estimated): 2005
Joined SFWS: September, 2007
Passed on: November 1, 217
Content: Upper mid content wolfdog

Luke was obtained by a young man who thought that it would be “cool” to have a wolfdog. Unfortunately, this idea is both very common and very wrong! Wolves and wolfdogs have special needs, which most people aren’t able to provide. In Luke’s case, his owner lived in an apartment and did not have the time, attention, or space required for an animal with such needs.

Luke wound up in the care of the young man’s father where he was kept in the back yard. Fortunately, a young lady living next door took interest in caring for Luke, and quickly grew to love him. But one day when she went to visit, Luke was gone… He had escaped the yard and was picked up by BARC (Houston Animal Control).

Luckily, the young lady worked with BARC and SFWS staff to coordinate Luke’s placement into the Sanctuary, where he was given another shot at life.

Luke joined the SFWS pack in 2007, and settled in very happily to his new home. To this day, the neighbor that saved him still checks in and comes to visit when she can.