Born: April 12, 2015
Joined SFWS: November, 2015
Content: Upper mid content wolfdog


The stunning Meeko is one of Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary’s youngest residents. His owners, who lived in Louisiana, bought him from an irresponsible zoo and tourist attraction in Georgia. They were then transferred to a new state for work, and were unable to keep him, so SFWS stepped in to rescue him.

Meeko is very confident and outgoing for a higher content wolfdog. While SFWS has rescued 34 animals, Meeko is the very first black phase wolfdog in our history! We were thrilled to welcome this beautiful boy into our pack. Meeko lives with his companion Tala and Kaya. While Tala is much older than him, Kaya is younger and helps run out his energy while Tala mothers them both.

Meeko is the name of the raccoon in “Pocahontas.” Disney took the name from a character in Wabanaki mythology, mihku or mikowa the squirrel, a mischievous and irritable fellow. While the mischievous part of his name definitely fits, thankfully the irritable part does not!