Our Future

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary currently leases the 11 acres we occupy from our founder, Jean LeFevre. However, we will not be able to purchase this land, and will need to move to new property when our current lease is up in July, 2019. While such a move presents a number of significant challenges, it will provide us more space and flexibility for continued growth and expansion, long-term sustainability, and a wonderful opportunity to significantly improve upon our existing facilities. Plans for the new enclosures include:

A diagram of the minimal specifications for SFWS's planned primary enclosures
Enclosure Diagram: SFWS planned primary enclosure (click to expand)
  • Minimum size of 6,000 ft2
  • Numerous sources of interest and enrichment, many trees, and lots of grass
  • Running water features
  • Multi-tiered platforms
  • Artificial dens
  • Areas in which shy animals can hide from public view
  • More secure gate systems (sliding or guillotine gates)
  • Improved drainage

Such a move will involve considerable expense (particularly purchasing property and enclosure costs). You can greatly assist us by contributing to our Relocation Campaign—please see our Relocation Fund page for more details.