Born: 2013
Joined SFWS: March, 2015
Content: Low content wolfdog


Rajah, whose name means “king” in Hindustani, is a gorgeous low content wolfdog. His previous owner loved him and took good care of him, but was being transferred to an area where wolfdog ownership is illegal. Rather than take the risk of his being confiscated and euthanized, she brought him to SFWS, where she knew he would have a wonderful life surrounded by other wolves and wolfdogs. Indeed, he and his companion Lapua are fast friends. She is head-over-heels in love with him, and spends all day nuzzling, mouthing, and jumping on him. Rajah mostly just sits there patiently, but sometimes he runs around and actively plays with her.

Although it has a happy ending, Rajah’s story is a good reminder of some of the difficulties involved in wolfdog ownership. Wolfdogs can live for close to 20 years, and a lot can change in a person’s life in 20 years. You may now be financially stable, with an escape-proof yard and located in an area where wolfdog ownership is not illegal — but what will you do if two, or ten, or fifteen years down the line, you are fired, or get divorced, or become pregnant, or transferred to an area where wolfdog ownership is illegal, or your state or county passes new laws prohibiting wolfdog ownership? Stories like these are all too common, and we are contacted weekly by owners facing such issues.