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Good news!  In 2017 the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary was able to purchase 15 acres in Grimes County, only about 10 minutes from our current property!  Whoop!  We have a new site for building our pack a bigger and better home!

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! In early 2019, our lease will expire and the Pack will need to move.  That means we have a little over a year to build out the new sanctuary!

Moving will present us with wonderful opportunities to improve enclosures and facilities and to continue to grow in the future. We hope you will consider donating to our PACKLOVE Campaign and help us succeed!

In 2018, the estimated total project cost  for Phase I is approximately $400,000.

This includes:

A diagram of the minimal specifications for SFWS's planned primary enclosures
Enclosure Diagram: SFWS planned primary enclosure (click to enlarge)
  • Preparing land for construction build out, including permits and utilities = $60,000
  • Six primary enclosures at $25,000 each = $150,000
  • Quarantine enclosure = $6,500
  • Perimeter fence = $50,000
  • Cost of other facilities, visitor areas, moving current building, clearing former location, landscaping, legal fees, and other miscellaneous = $130,000

If you would like a detailed breakdown of primary enclosure costs, or any additional financial information, please feel free to contact us. General financial information on SFWS can be found here.

How to Help

There are many ways you can help us in our relocation efforts.

Donate to Our Relocation Fund

Donate Button

  • Or mail a check, cash, or money order to Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, P.O. Box 877, Montgomery, TX 77356. Please provide an indication if you want the donation to be applied toward the relocation campaign.

Brick Campaign

Donate a brick for our new home by clicking the image below

Professional Assistance

If you have professional experience you can contribute, such as construction, legal, or fundraising experience, reach out to us! We would love to have your help in the planning and execution of the relocation project.

Matching Donations

Many companies will match employee charitable contributions. We encourage you to check whether your employer is one of them — your donation can count twice or more! Check our matching donation page to see if your employer will match your donation here.

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity  and all donations are tax-deductible!
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