Born: 2009
Joined SFWS: June, 2009
Adopted: September, 2016
Content: Dog (Malamute)

Remus arrived at the sanctuary in 2009 along with his brother Romulus, when they were about four months old. The pups were discovered in a yard in north Texas, abandoned and without food or water after their owner had been arrested. A neighbor heard them whimpering, and along with other good Samaritans helped to rescue the brothers and deliver them to SFWS, where they were “adopted” by Rafiki. At the time, Rafiki was still extremely timid, and both Rafiki and the pups grew from the experience. The two boys grew very fast, and after they began to get into fights, they were separated.

Since Remus is a dog, he did not need to live in a sanctuary environment. Luckily, we were able to change his registration and paperwork with all relevant authorities to reflect his status as a dog, and to move him to a nearby rescue facility that was able to adopt him! He now lives with a wonderful, loving family who are able to spend all day doting on him. He absolutely loves getting to live in the air conditioning, and also enjoys his daily walks, including meeting a new horse friend of his. We could not be happier for him.