Rescue Statistics

2018 Intake Statistics

Have you ever wondered where our rescues come from? If you’d like to learn more about their individual stories, we encourage you to visit the “Current Animals” page or schedule a tour! But if you’re more interested in the statistics, you’ve come to the right place.

How many animals do we get asked to take in each year, and of those animals, how many are we actually able to rescue:

  • Total Requested:         168
  • Total Approved:          4
  • Total Received:            2

(This means that while SFWS agreed to take in 4 animals so far this year, only 2 of them were actually successfully surrendered to the Sanctuary.)

  • Total (Verified) Placements:                    22
  • Total Animals Killed/Euthanized:          4
    (Before Placement Found)
  • Unresolved/Unknown:                             142

(Of the 22 total verified placements so far this year, SFWS has assisted in 9 of them.)

Where do these animals typically come from and who is requesting their intake to SFWS:

  • In-state Requests:                                      56
  • Out of State Requests:                              112
  • Request by Owner:                                   33
  • Request by Shelter:                                   2
  • Request by Other Rescues:                   103
  • Request by Others:                                   30
    (Owner’s Friends/
    Family; Concerned
    Citizens; Veterinarians;

That’s a lot of intake requests from other rescues/sanctuaries… Where do they get most of their requests from?

  • Request by Owner:                                   122
  • Request by Shelter:                                   25
  • Request by Other Rescues:                   20

As you can see, we are part of an AMAZING rescue-networking community, all working together to secure placement for the hundreds to thousands of animals in need across the country. Unfortunately, many of us face the same obstacles when it comes to rescuing so many – we are frequently at capacity and limited by our physical and financial resources. That’s why your support is so influential and so appreciated!

If you believe in the work we’re doing and would like to see these numbers change dramatically, please consider scheduling a tour to learn more or donating toward the relocation and expansion of our facility!