Born (estimated): 2005
Joined SFWS: January, 2015
Content: High content wolfdog


The beautiful Rose joined SFWS in January of 2015. Rose is originally from the same abusive Alaskan roadside attraction as Big Boy. Like him, she spent the first several years of her life chained to a stake in the ground. Thankfully, that “attraction” was shut down in 2011, and their wolfdogs rescued by a sanctuary in California. When that sanctuary then needed to find new homes for some of their animals, we were able to take Rose.

Shortly after she arrived, we introduced Rose to Mystery and Big Boy to make our first true “pack” of more than two animals! We’re extremely proud of how accepting Mystery was back then. Rose immediately submitted to Mystery and acknowledges her superiority, which is all Mystery needed, and the three got along great!

Like Big Boy, Rose has blossomed tremendously over the years, going from a fearful and timid animal to a loving and curious girl. She even comes up to greet guests during our daily tours – something she never would have done when she first arrived!