Born: 2016
Joined SFWS: March, 2018
Content: Upper mid content wolfdog

Ryu and her sister, Raksha, are upper-mid content wolfdogs that were privately owned by a girl in West Virginia. She and her boyfriend purchased the girls as babies and raised them by hand, forming strong bonds with each of them. Unfortunately, due to a number of serious health issues, the girl was in and out of the hospital constantly, and she knew that she was no longer able to give the girls the care that they needed.

Our Sanctuary Manager found a posting for the girls, claiming that they desperately needed a sanctuary to take them in, as they were not pet quality animals. Eventually, after correspondence with several parties, we decided to take them in. At this time our Manager and two interns drove all the way to West Virginia and back to pick them up – a 48 hour round-trip!

The girls are both extremely fearful of strangers and as a result, they are often difficult to spot on tours. This is actually pretty normal behavior for wolves and wolfdogs, though, as they are naturally fearful of humans.