Born: 2004
Joined SFWS: July, 2005
Adopted: October, 2016
Content: Dog (German Shepherd)

We rescued Sable in 2005, after we were contacted by a dog rescue organization. Her original owners had bought her as a pet for their young son. They initially thought it was a fun idea, but soon grew tired of her and gave her up.

Sable is a good example of the dishonesty and misinformation surrounding wolfdog breeding. She’s a German shepherd, but she was sold to her original owners as a cross between a “Canadian Silverback” and “Northern Tundra” wolf, neither of which actually exist — though both sound exotic and wolflike! Many wolfdog breeders misrepresent the content and ancestry of their animals, either because more wolf ancestry means they can sell their pups for more money, or because they were duped by whomever first gave/sold them the animals they are breeding.

We were able to change Sable’s label to reflect that she is a dog, and successfully adopt her out to a wonderful, loving family. We are so happy for her!