Christie smChristie Guidry – Manager. []. Born and raised in Houston, Christie graduated from The University of St. Thomas with her BA in Theatre Arts in 2004. Her obsession with wolves began when she lived in Alaska from 2010-2013. During that time she started as a volunteer and later employee at The Alaska Zoo, where she was given many amazing opportunities, including working with their pack of six wolves. She immediately knew she’d found her passion in life. Christie moved back to Texas and began at Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary as a volunteer in February of 2013. She was hired as the full-time Sanctuary Manager in 2015 and is proud to say she now has her dream job. When not at SFWS, she loves spending time with her Siberian Husky, Storm and her German Shepherd, Denali. Christie is also a professional actress and has appeared in over 50 stage productions, independent films and commercials.