Born: 2009
Joined SFWS: October, 2009


Tala was found as a stray, running near a bayou in Houston, and was taken home by a well-intentioned man. However, wolves and wolfdogs rarely make good pets, and he was unable to keep her. Another friend then tried, with the same results: a lot of expensive damage to the house! But Tala was lucky, because both of her rescuers actually cared about her. One of them contacted SFWS, and we happily welcomed our little beauty in 2009.

Tala gets along great with her companion, Meeko . They spend lots of time racing and playing with each other. We often refer to Tala as the “Grace Kelley of the wolf world” in recognition of her beauty and grace. She clearly knows she is beautiful, and enjoys posing for pictures and basking in attention. She received her name (pronounced “TAY-luh”) shortly after she arrived, as part of a contest held during our annual Open Day festival.