Born: 2009
Joined SFWS: April, 2011
Adopted: March, 2015
Content: Dog (Husky mix)

Tracker’s original owners loved him but were unable to give him the care and attention they knew he deserved. His human mom was expecting her first baby, and his human dad was about to be deployed to the war. They moved in with family who lacked a fenced yard, so Tracker was kept on a chain outside. His family knew he needed a better life, and asked us to rescue him.

While his owners were told he was a “full wolf,” in fact he is a pure dog — it’s very common for breeders to lie about how much wolf is in the animals they are selling. The dog in Tracker is obvious not just from his physical appearance, but from his exuberant love of people.

Since Tracker is a dog, he did not need to live in a sanctuary environment. Luckily, we were able to change his registration and paperwork with all relevant authorities to reflect his status as a dog, and to adopt him into a wonderful, loving forever home. Tracker settled in great, and loves relaxing on his doggie bed, getting scratches, and playing ball in the yard. He is also close to his new “sister,” a female beagle. We’re so happy that Tracker’s story has such a happy ending!