Visiting Us

We welcome those who wish to visit the Sanctuary to see our wolves and wolf dogs and learn about these remarkable animals! We are eternally grateful to the thousands of guests that tour our facility each year. Without you there would be no home for the beautiful creatures we care for – but remember:


Please note: Our facility is handicap accessible.

See below for the different visiting experiences we offer and important notes. For driving directions and more info on planning your visit, see here.

Welcome Center

Tour Options

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Sanctuary Tour. Visit the sanctuary to view our animals and hear their stories, and learn more about wolves and wolfdogs in the wild and in captivity.

VIP Tour. Get a private, inside look at our facilities and operations, assist Keepers in preparing various types of Enrichment, and see our animals up close while learning about their stories.

Howl Night & Camping with the Wolves. During our Howl Night events, guests will enjoy an evening around the campfire with snacks and drinks, participate in an in-depth discussion on wolves (exact topic varies), and hopefully get to hear our pack howl! For an extended experience, join us for a Camp-Out and spend the night at the Sanctuary beneath the stars.

Scout Programs are offered for cub scouts and girl scouts. Scouts view our animals, learn about wolves and conservation, and help us make Enrichment for our animals. The programs meet the qualification for the Akela Award (cub scouts), or Animal Habitats or Voices for Animals badges (girl scouts).

Off-Site Presentation. Email us at if you are interested in booking an off-site presentation. Please note that we cannot bring any of our animals with us to off-site events.

Important Notes and Rules


  • An appointment is required in order to visit — please don’t show up unannounced! Sanctuary Tours, VIPs, and Howl Nights/Camp-Outs can be booked via our online booking page here. To book Scout programs, see the instructions on the pages for those tours.
  • Please arrive promptly as we cannot guarantee appointments for late arrivals. Since we are located at a private residence, we also request that you not arrive too early. Staff will open our gates approximately 15 minutes before the start of your tour.
  • If you know in advance that you will be unable to make your appointment, please let us know so that we may book other visitors for that time. To cancel your booking, send us an email.


  • If any minors in your party will not have their parent/guardian present, you MUST bring a Release Form signed by their parent/guardian with you when you arrive. The form can be found here.
  • Parents/chaperones must remain with their children at all times.
  • Parents/chaperones must be responsible for their children, and should ensure that their children behave appropriately (see below).

Proper Behavior

  • Absolutely no running, jumping, screaming, yelling or making other loud noises (including howling, loudly calling an animal’s name, or making other potentially intrusive noises in an effort to get an animal’s attention), climbing on railings or roping, taunting animals, or other behavior that is unsafe or is upsetting to our animals.
  • We need to make sure this remains a true sanctuary for our animals. For the animals’ comfort, anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave.

Other Notes

  • Please do not bring any pets or other animals with you. Our wolves don’t like other animals, and it’s dangerous to leave an animal in your car.
  • Taking photos is fine, but photos cannot be used for commercial purposes without our written consent. Please contact us if you would like to make commercial use of any photos taken at SFWS. We may also restrict photos if the cameras or equipment are bothering any of the animals. No  video recording of the tour is allowed.
  • No smoking or other tobacco products, vaping, drugs, or alcohol consumption.  No concealed or open-carry handguns are allowed within the sanctuary.
  • We recommend wearing closed-toed shoes and clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty, as our driveway is gravel and can get quite dusty or muddy.
  • See here for driving directions and other info on planning your visit.