What We Do

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in Montgomery, Texas, dedicated to rescuing and caring for non-releasable wolves and wolfdogs and providing them with a stable, loving, and exceptional home, with an abundance of loving and compassionate care.

See here for how we got started, and here for our future plans. Financial information can be found here.


SFWS rescues wolves and wolfdogs in need from around the country — from shelters, Animal Control agencies, roadside zoos, and abusive or ill-equipped owners. All of our resident animals are rescues, and most are animals that someone tried unsuccessfully to keep as a “pet.” Many have come from situations of horrible abuse and neglect, and deserve the love and care our sanctuary provides. Since they were born in captivity and habituated to humans from an early age, they can’t be released into the wild.

Mystery before being rescued by SFWS, and a recent photo showing her improved condition


We love all of our residents as family, and do  everything we can to make this a true sanctuary for them. We provide them with quality, nutritious, species-appropriate meals; exceptional veterinary care; safe and comfortable sources of shelter; daily enrichment; and canine companionship.

Lapua locks mouths with Rajah to say hi in her unique way

All enclosures have houses, wooden platforms to perch on, large water tubs and drinking water, and trees and other sources of shade. During the hot summer months there is a misting system to bring down the temperature, and during the winter we provide our animals with straw to keep warm.

Achilles surveys the world from the roof of his house

All of our animals are spayed/neutered, and we do not buy, sell, or breed any animals. We oppose the breeding of wolves or wolfdogs in captivity, unless for legitimate conservation purposes by facilities participating in Species Survival Programs.

SFWS will need to relocate to new property by 2019; see here for more details. This will enable us to build significantly larger, improved, and more naturalistic enclosures, to provide an even more exceptional home for our animals.


We also work to educate the public about issues involving wolves and wolfdogs, and dispelling the many myths that surround these frequently misunderstood animals. Through guided on-site tours, off-site presentations, and other outreach avenues, we provide accurate, engaging information about wolves and wolfdogs, conservation issues, and the downsides of exotic pets.