What We Do

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in Navasota, Texas, whose mission is to provide exceptional lifelong sanctuary to non-releasable wolves and wolfdogs, while sharing a message of education and conservation.

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary was founded in 2002 and opened its doors to thousands of guests each year on a small acreage property in Montgomery, Texas. In the summer of 2020 we moved our facility to our new location in Navasota, Texas. The new sanctuary, built on 15 acres, has allowed us to build bigger enclosures, construct natural dens, offer additional space for educational groups and scouts, and most importantly continue pursuing our mission to rescue wolves and wolfdogs.


SFWS rescues wolves and wolfdogs in need from around the country — from shelters, animal control agencies, and private owners. All of our residents are rescues, and most are animals that someone tried unsuccessfully to keep as a pet. Many have come from situations of horrible neglect or abuse, but have grown to heal – physically, mentally, and emotionally – due to the patience and love that we are able to provide. Since they were born in captivity and habituated to humans from an early age, they can’t be released into the wild.

ThenNow(Photo of Mystery in 2002 when she was first rescued, and several years later. Mystery lived to be 18 years old and passed away in April, 2017.)


We love all of our residents as family, and do  everything we can to make this a true sanctuary for them. We provide them with quality, nutritious, species-appropriate meals; exceptional veterinary care; safe and comfortable sources of shelter; daily enrichment; and canine companionship.

IMG_5706 Audrey.JPG

All enclosures have houses, wooden platforms to lounge on, large water tubs to wade in, and trees and other sources of shade. During the hot summer months there is a misting system to bring down the temperature, and during the winter we provide our animals with straw to keep warm.

Lapua 19 TK.jpg

All of our animals are spayed/neutered and we do not buy, sell, or breed any of them. We do not advocate for the breeding of wolves and wolfdogs in captivity, unless for legitimate conservation purposes by facilities participating in Species Survival Programs.


We also work to educate the public about issues involving exotic canines, and dispell the many myths that surround these frequently misunderstood creatures. Through guided on-site tours, off-site presentations, and other outreach avenues, we seek to provide accurate, engaging information about the animals we love so dearly – both in the wild and in captivity. Finally, we seek to educate guests about the hardships associated with owning a wolf or wolfdog.